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Pallassana village always fills the minds of the visitors with happiness and calm exuded by its verdant green fields and divine vibratins of Lord Siva at Murukkuli Okkanamkode in Pallassana, Palakkad District.

We have great pleasure in informing you that the Jeernodharanam, Punapr-athishta, Kumbhabhishekam, etc. have been prescribed in accordance with Ashtamangala Prasnam by the renowned astrologers Sri. Padoor Radhakrishna Panicker, Sri Pallasana Peethambara Panicker and others. Various parihara karmas as suggested in Ashtamangala Prasna Charthu have been completed under the aegis of our temple Tanthri Brahmasri Mapranam Animangalathu Mana Sri-vallabhan Namboothiripad.

Now we have to take up in the right earnest the main task of Punarudharana Karmas, Punaprathishta, Kumbhabhishekam, etc.

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Outline of Financial Commitments

Forming entry way on north ` 7,50,000
Formation of land for Kshetramandala
(500 m2)
` 15,00,000
Renovation of Srikovil ` 7,50,000
Nagathara ` 1,00,000
Namaskara Mandapam ` 3,50,000
Prayer pavilion ` 8,00,000
Thidappalli, counter ` 5,00,000
Well/ kulam/ steps ` 5,00,000
Office room ` 5,00,000
Gopurams on north and east side ` 10,50,000
Parking/toilets ` 3,00,000
Flooring/ talakkallu/ garden ` 2,50,000
Design and construction supervision charges etc. ` 4,75,000
Electrification ` 3,00,000
shekam & Miscellaneous
` 18,75,000
Total ` 1,00,00,000
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